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Speedmaster Marine Product Listings

 R Tech Supercoolers: Ideal for inboard boat applications. Kit includes

supercharger and the patented R Tech Supercooler. Additional 500

horsepower in any engine. Increase top speed, throttle response. This kit is

very user friendly. Increased reliablility and better cooling, only with R Tech Supercoolers.

Hi-Performance Mercury Outboards

Specializing in Mercury Hi-perfomance outboards. Liscensed mercury mechanic. 340+ horsepower for maximum speed for your hi-performance boat.

MerCruiser Performance Inboards

Specializing in Mercury Hi-Performance Inboards. Liscensed Mercury Dealer. Engine Repair and Rebuilding.

S.T.V- Summford Tunnel Vee Boats

Liscensed S.T.V boat dealer. Ultra Hi-Performance boats avaliable in many different models. The fastest boat avalible under 25 feet. Up to 130 mph+. Lazer percision handling, eye-opening acceleration and blinding top speed. Quality made for over 15 years.


Boyesen Reeds

Boyesen Reeds: The Gatekeepers of Power. Need more power out of your hi-performance engine try boyesen reeds. Supply more air to your engine. Increase fuel enconmy and power. Boyesen reeds increase throttle response, faster acceleration and higher top speed. The key to raw power in any engine!

Firecat F8 Engine Kits

Firecat F7 Engine bored out to an 800 cc. Up to 160+ Hp.  Able to reach speeds in excess of 125 mph.

ZR 925 Engine Kits

Bore your ZR 900 (stock 862 cc) engine to a 925 and gain extreme power. More than 165 hp, and huge torque numbers. Amazing power and eyeopening acceleration. Speeds in excess of 115 mph with diamond drive and 120+ mph for older modlels.

Snowmobile Clutch Kits

Change the stock clutch on your sled to a Team clutch and unlock hidden power. Better and faster hookup, smoother backshifts and faster mph. A very simple and inexpensive way to put your sled infront of the rest.

Hi-Performance Outboard Lower Units/ Rebuild

Many different top quality, hi-performance lower units in stock. Also several hi-performance propellers at wholesale cost. Race tested and proven. A must for any serious racer.